Jinju Welcom to The Jinju National Museum



In 1985, Jinju National Museum began offering cultural lectures for teens, and our education program has been developing and expanding ever since. Today, we offer various programs for every age level, from preschoolers to senior citizens. We are particularly proud of our Love Sharing Program, where we identify people who cannot easily visit the museum and then pick them up and bring them to the museum to share in our culture and holiday events. Also, our popular "Weekend Experience Programs" have been bringing more and more people to the museum on weekends by offering a variety of educational and entertaining events that the whole family can enjoy. We believe that museums represent the heart of a nation's historical and cultural legacy, and we are constantly working to increase the understanding and appreciation of Korean history and culture in our own community.

Educational Programs

International Program

Jinju National Museum developed this program especially to help foreigners become more familiar with Korean history and culture. We ask for your active participation and welcome any comments or questions you may have.

Programs for Families and Children

We offer many programs and events for families and children, particularly on weekends. These events usually consist of an enhanced tour of part of our exhibition and a related traditional culture experience.

Programs for Schools and Teens

We offer many educational programs for middle and high school students during their summer and winter breaks, including some that are specially developed for students preparing for the university entrance exam. These programs are designed to highlight the history and culture of the area, along with the museum's exhibits.

Programs for Adults and Professionals

We regularly plan intensive lecture series for local residents, featuring experts on various historical and cultural topics related to our exhibitions.

Love Sharing Program

For our Love Sharing Program, we invite socially neglected people to visit the museum to increase their knowledge of Korean history and gain valuable insights and experiences related to traditional culture.

Special Exhibition Programs

Whenever the museum presents a special or themed exhibition, we plan accompanying educational programs (such as special lectures) to enhance visitors' understanding of the related topics. We also create additional learning materials for children and school groups.

Holiday Events

On special days of the year, like New Year's Day, Lunar New Year, and Chuseok, the museum presents folk theater events for visitors to experience the traditions associated with the holiday.

Saturday Night Programs

Every Saturday night from April through October, the museum stays open late, until 9:00. On these Saturday nights, we offer a variety of special programs including exhibition education, performances, and family experiences.

Discovery Hall

In our Discovery Hall, which is always open during regular business hours, anyone can enjoy a variety of hands-on programs related to Korean culture, including wood printing, stone rubbings, and making Jinju Ogwangdae Masks.

Exhibition halls