Jinju Welcom to The Jinju National Museum

 International Program

International Program

International Program : "Feel the Spirit of Korea"

  • Exhibition Tour
  • 3D Movies
  • Experience of archery
  • Traditional Activities

The International Program of Jinju National Museum is especially designed to help foreigners who are visiting or living in Korea to understand and appreciate the traditional history and culture of our country. The program includes many fun and fascinating lessons and activities, and we encourage you to sign up for a very rewarding experience.

Anyone who is interested in Korean history and culture.
The program is two hours long, and is available weekdays from 10-12:00 (morning), or from 2-4:00 (afternoon). The exact date can be scheduled at your convenience.
The program consists of various lessons, stories, and activities related to Korean culture. It is available in English, Chinese, or Japanese.
Tel : +82-55-740-0698


We will begin with a brief orientation of the program, followed by a talk introducing Jinju National Museum and Korean culture.
3D Movies
Participants will visit our 3D movie theater for a screening of 'The Great Jinju Fortress Battle'.
Exhibition Tour
The program leader will give a special tour of the museum, explaining many of our most important relics and exhibitions.
Hand-on Activities
We offer many fun crafts and activities to let visitors experience Korean traditional culture, including wearing Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) and making traditional Korean-paper arts, such as folding fans, shuttlecocks, and tea pads. Coordinates will help the participants, and there may be a small charge for materials used in the activities.
A Step Closer to Korean Culture
Participants will enjoy a frank discussion about their various experiences as a foreigner living in Korea, and they can ask any questions about aspects of Korean culture that they do not understand.
Wrap up
Participants will be asked to fill out a short survey in order to help us improve the program.
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