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History & Culture Hall

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History & Culture Hall

In 2008, Jinju National Museum opened its new History & Culture Hall in order to expand the scope of its exhibitions and reaffirm its role as a regional-based national museum. The purpose of this hall is to effectively convey the long history and culture of the Gyeongsangnam-do area by displaying and explaining the representative tangible and intangible assets of the region.

Guide map of History & Culture Hall

History & Culture Hall Guide Map (Floor plan or aerial view)
1 Land of Abundance
2 Gaya Confederacy: The Foundation of Western Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
3 The Cradle of Faith
4 Grace and Beauty
5 Records of Ordinary Lives
6 Practical Thoughts of Confucianist Jo Sik
7 20th Century: The Struggle for Human Rights


  • Cheongjasanggammaejukhakmunmaebyeong
  • Byeoru and Yeonjeok
  • Golden earrings in Unified Silla
  • Water glass in shapes of a wheel in Gaya
  • Footed stand in Gaya
  • 1 Pensive Bodhisattva Excavated from Yangsan, Three Kingdoms Period (7th century), Bronze Gilt
  • 2 Celadon Vase with Inlaid Plum Flower, Bamboo, and Crane Design Excavated from Jeokryang in Hadong, Goryeo Dynasty (Late 12th century), Treasure #1168, Three Kingdoms Period
  • 3 Gold Earrings Excavated from Gyo-dong in Changnyeong, Three Kingdoms Period
  • 4 Pottery Vessel with Chariot Wheels Gaya Confederacy (42-532), Treasure #637
  • 5 Bungcheong Bowls with Embossed Design and Inscriptions of goods made in Miryang and Jinju, Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910)
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