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Jinju National Museum HISTORY

1978's ~ Present
  • December 8, 1978Plans to construct Jinju National Museum are confirmed.
  • October 18, 1980Construction of Jinju National Museum begins.
  • November 2, 1984Jinju National Museum opens to the public.
  • January 15, 1998Museum reopens, with a new focus on the Imjin War (Japanese invasions during 1592-1597).
  • April 27, 2001Expansion of exhibition halls and museum storage is completed.
  • November 19, 2001Duam Hall opens to the public.
  • December 30, 2001Remodeling of the museum's restaurant is completed.
  • December 15, 2003Construction of the 3D Theater is completed.
  • December 15, 2004The 3D film The Great Battle of Jinju Fortress premieres.
  • February 18, 2008Reorganization of permanent exhibitions is completed.
  • December 10, 2008Museum reopens as Jinju National Museum.
Exhibition halls