Jinju Welcom to The Jinju National Museum

 About the Museum




'The priority has to be given to nature rather than man.'

Jinju National Museum is located inside Jinju Fortress, near the Nam River, so the museum had to be planned very carefully in order to blend in with the existing fortress structure and not impair the impressive scenery. Therefore, the museum was designed to be lower than the surrounding fortress structures, and the basic layout was divided into separate sections into order to avoid having a massive single roof. To further enhance the building's harmony with its surroundings, the separate architectural elements were united though the use of pearlstone bricks as grounding.

  • Established : 1979
  • Location : 626-35, Namgang-ro, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 660-030 (Inside Jinju Fortress)
  • Land area : 17,930.66㎡
  • Construction area : 2,727.29㎡
  • Gross area : 4,948.78㎡
  • Floors : Three stories tall (Two floors, plus basement)
  • Structure : Reinforced concrete

The Architect

Kim, Swoo-geun

Kim Swoo-geun (1931 - 1986)

Kim Swoo-geun, founder of the Space Group and Space Magazine, was born in Cheongjin in 1931, and he died in Seoul in 1986. In his 55 years, he designed more than 200 buildings around the world, and his legacy is widely considered to be the most exceptional of any modern Korean architect.

His outstanding architectural works reflect both his unique artistic sense and the emotion of Korean architecture. Having excelled in the conjunction of land, space, and structure, Kim Swoo-geun is remembered as a leading cultural figure in Korea, not only in the field of architecture, but also in various artistic genres related to architecture.

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